C2RO Robotics
Location: Suite RC-016, 780 Avenue Brewster, Montreal, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 07/2016, Seed: $800 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investment Firms: TandemLaunch Inc.
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C2RO Robotics

Intelligence and Collaboration for any Robot!
Montreal, Canada Canada
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Company description

C2RO is a robot-agnostic cloud robotics platform that uses real-time stream data processing technology to provide server-based AI-enabled software solutions for robots. It dramatically augments the perceptive, cognitive and collaborative abilities of robots with a software-only solution, even the robots with limited sensing and computation resources.

The offered solutions can be delivered either as a public-cloud SaaS platform or as an on-premise software platform for robotics manufacturer or integrators in different market segments including service robotics, consumer robotics, industrial robotics, and UAVs.

Business model

Our business model is SaaS B2B for robot manufacturers or integrators in the following market segments of robotics: service (commercial), consumer, industrial, drones.

The offered solutions can be delivered either as a public-cloud Enterprise SaaS platform (monthly subscription-based model) or as an on-premise SaaS platform deployment for robotics manufacturers. 


Competitive advantage

There are players such as Neurala which are working on robot autonomy by developing embedded AI SW/HW solutions (running directly into the robot). This approach can offer good autonomy functionality but lacks scalability and collaborative capability. Commercial IoT platforms such as GE Predix and CISCO Jasper have a more scalable approach, but autonomy is achieved by offline processing and therefore are not suitable for applications that need the response time in the order sub seconds (ie. Sending a robot into environments where random events may occur or landscape is unknown). Finally, there are players such as DroneDeploy (Drone Mapping Platform), CloudMinds (a newly born cloud robotics startup with a combination of HW/SW solution) and Rapyuta Robotics (a cloud robotics platform with a combination of HW/SW solution) that try to balance both dimensions.


C2RO is unique in that it offers a software-only solution via a robot-agnostic SaaS platform that covers both scalability and autonomy requirements for realizing robotic vision & control. This is possible with the use of our proprietary IP acquired as result of more than 5 years of research on parallel computing and cloud-based robotics control. 

There are currently no robot-agnostic platforms for real-time processing that specifically cater to the enhancement of existing robots. Our technology has been testing with at least 700 simulated robots for a machine learning algorithm where the processing time stay in the order of sub-seconds.

In general, our technology enables a scalable real-time stream processing via parallel computing with a software only solution (robot-agnostic), while the existing platforms are mainly either capable of batch (off-line) processing or they have embedded HW/SW solution. This gives us a unique competitive advantage to be able to offer a scalable enterprise SaaS platform for real-time robotics applications that needs sub-seconds response time. This enables robotic vision and collaboration applications that are not possible with embedded processing alone.


Moreover, our platform is a self-contained software solution, it means we do not need any third-party software partner (or any service of any public cloud provider) to deliver our solution to our customers. This way, we also offer on-premise deployment of our platform for customers who have privacy or latency concern of public hosting infrastructure for the deployment of the platform

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