Location: Chihuahua, Mexico Mexico
Founded in: 2017
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Chihuahua, Mexico Mexico
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With ByeO you get everything organized, you’ll know that you’ve taken care of your loved ones the way you’d like; you’ll protect your physical and digital assets and you’ll be able to avoid family skirmishes over who’ll get which assets. And most important you’ll get to Be remembered as you wish to be. ByeO combines organizing tools and a social profile Biography, so you can be prepared for the moment of your death. This is whats makes ByeO unique, all your stuff in one place in an easy and secure environment. With Byeo you can store all your sensitive data, like ATM pin or password and when you pass away be delivered to friend or family member you assign as your digital executor. Also you can bestow all your stuff with sentimental value to your friends when your still alive and share it in your social media as social proof. As part of your Byeo Account you can keep a Memory Timeline so when your not around any more, be remembered as you really were, including prerecorded videos so you can be with your loved ones in that special date.