Location: London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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BrandSnap is the world first self-service music brand partnership platform connecting Music Artists and Brands together for social media campaigns, We have created a platform that brings incredible value to both brands and Music artists, we provide brands with concrete live data on artists such as their Demographic, Audience Reach, Top Countries, Top cities, Reach Metrics, Engagement metrics, audience interest, audience brand affinity and overall social stats including spotify. We are giving the artist the power to take charge of their careers and increase their opportunities to earn revenue e.g. Nike can put up a campaign on our platform stating they are looking for an upcoming pop artists based in the U.K to wear their latest shoes on a music video on YouTube, also giving them exposure on Instagram wearing their new product and for this they are will to pay the Artists between £5K-9K. The Artists can then send a proposal to the brand stating why they should partner together, how they will create imaginative content to showcase the brand’s product and how much they want to get paid for this.