Better and Better Technologies Inc.
Location: Better and Better Technologies Inc , Las Vegas, Nevada, United States United States
Founded in: 2004
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Better and Better Technologies Inc.

Better and Better Technologies is Saving the Planet
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States United States
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Look at what I am doing to make a Better World for everyone  . Look at what we are doing to Slow Global Warming and eliminate Oil Imports Rev. Dennis Drake President of Better and Better Technologies Inc.Our Theme song is "When the Ship comes in" by Bob Dylan July 10th 2009 is Energy Independence Day in USA & Canada  Then we do the World
We are Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry in 2010 ! Our focus will be on the HAFC first until March of 2009 and then we intend to kick it up a big notch with our PICC  . At our official kick off training class,last Oct 2007 we took an F-150 pick up (1995) and a 4 cylinder Plymouth Breeze as class projects. The class modified these two vehicles. The Ford pickup before modification got 12.7 mpg. The Plymouth, before modification, got just under 38 mpg. After the class modified the Ford pickup, it got 33 mpg! That’s a 159% increase in fuel economy. The Plymouth got over 77mpg, for an increase of over 100% in fuel economy. 2006 Toyota Prios is getting 150 MPG
                                               We now have duel fuel cell 100 to 120 Liters !


In the case of Ford Motor Company, someone at Ford has had 48 of our kits for over a month. We do have a letter from one of their top engineers, on Ford Stationary, that HE believes that the HAFC is a valid concept. Whether he wrote that letter on his own or on behalf of Ford I cannot say, but he did write the letter telling us that he is heading up a team that is testing the 48 kits (at that time 24 HAFC kits) we sent AFTER receiving the letter. THAT IS A FACT! We have had almost constant dialogue with a Ford executive for months, and he has told us he is the liaison with the testers of our kits. We initially drove over a thousand miles to modify three cars for that executive and a half dozen Ford mechanics helped us do it. Both that executive AND All the Ford Mechanics involved in that technology exchange said they were impressed with our HAFC technology and the expertise of our installers. We were also very impressed with their knowledge. THOSE ARE DOCUMENTED FACTS! The Ford executive, whether for Ford, or on his own, arranged for the testing after telling us he took one of the modified cars to Detroit to meet with Alan Mulally and got approval to test the HAFC. We are sure there would be some sort of record of all that testing at Ford if it were done by them. If dozens of our kits were tested it would have involved dozens of Ford Engineers and other personnel. If the testing went on, as we were told, for almost two months (whether at Detroit or elsewhere with or without Ford’s approval) then dozens of technical people who work for Ford Motor Company believe that the HAFC must have merit. If the kits were not tested, then where are our kits? We would like to get them back. Ford seems to be claiming that they have had nothing to do with Dutchman Enterprises or the HAFC kit. If all this testing did take place then all Ford would have to do to get rid of this situation is tell everyone they tested it and it did not work. But, in fact, if they admit they tested it, they KNOW it does work and they KNOW we can demonstrate that so they cannot say it does not work. I believe they are throwing their loyal executive under the bus and trying to act like he is a rogue who went out on his own. We did work exclusively through him. But why would he throw his career away to try to get us to work with Ford? I also believe that the situation has changed since the gas prices have come back down, as has the economy. It has become political and Ford wants to deny any interest in our controversial technologies. THE FACT IS THAT SOMEONE THOUGHT ENOUGH OF ALL THIS TO TEST 48 OF OUR KITS! Was this just a Rogue Ford executive who knows the automobile industry conspiring with a top engineer for Ford, AND, God knows, how many other Ford employees, who have tried to help Ford discover a technology that these people (who have risked their careers) obviously believe in? If so, that should tell anyone what a whole bunch of Ford people think of the technology! This supposedly Rogue executive even came to our dealer convention and explained to all of us the testing program and our relationship with Ford Motor Company. That is a weird thing for a man operating in stealth to be doing. You cannot get a stronger endorsement than when people who have the few remaining jobs in the American Auto Industry risk everything, including their careers, to test a technology that could save Ford’s SUV, pickup, and other large vehicle market supposedly in an attempt to get us to work with Ford Motor Company and at no gain to themselves personally! If Ford did not authorize it, then this is most impressive! ALL OF THE ABOVE STATEMENTS OF FACT ARE WELL DOCUMENTED AND PROVEABLE FACTS!
Dennis B. Drake President Better and Better Technologies
1444 Living Desert Dr # 75 Las Vegas NV 89119
      Making a Better World for Every One
  “This is the best thing since the invention of the automobile!”
Mechanic from Seattle, WA
“My 2006 Mazda got 121 mpg! I am so excited I want to let everyone know ... This technology is real! Finally an alternative to soaring gas prices” John S., Queensland

Dennis Drake Please Join Me in Actually Saving the Environment by turning around Pollution Now  Al Gore talks the talk ! I walk the Walk ! Watch the Videos Get 50% to over 400% Increase in Fuel Mileage , More Power & NO Pollution . And We are starting testing soon on Airplane Engines & Diesel , and the PICC is already proven on a Chinese 2 cyl, 2 Stroke Motors , With NO Pollution ! Help Slow Global Warming Now  A Win , Win ,Win for Everyone & Every Living Thing  We have just released our Hydro Assist Fuel Cell Kit for Cars and Trucks that is Now Available Globally ! 2007 Honda Civic is getting 100 MPG now & ZERO Pollution ! 2004 Ford F-150 460 CI is getting 43 MPG ! Applied Knowledge is True Green Power  Available Globally now  
Better and Better Every Day in Every Way Is the Only way to Be ! Don't you Agree ? See the Whole Truth     Here are the Magazines we have bought a one page ad running Sept, Oct 2008 for HAFC/PICC !


Smithsonian Mag

National Geographic Global editions

Press release 09-19-2008  The Greenest Company on this Planet

Dutchman Enterprises can now announce that the initial meeting with representatives of Ford motor Company went very well and both parties are excited about testing the HAFC and PICC and for the potential for improving fuel economy for American automobiles. The initial reaction of the Ford team involved was excitement and enthusiasm over the potential of both the HAFC and PICC. Discussions have begun about both companies partnering together to further develop these technologies.


Dutchman Enterprises received a letter on August 18th from an engineer that is heading the Ford team to test the HAFC. In that letter from the Dearborn Michigan HQ address, the engineer wrote, "the (HAFC) concept makes good sense…" and he also wrote, "We are also excited about the potential of the PICC technology." Ford is testing this because to them it makes sense. Of course they are being cautious and diligent.

The executive who spoke with our dealers told us that Mr. Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company, was interviewed on CNBC on (September 12, 2008 one day before a Ford executive addressed our dealer network) when asked what direction Ford is going in… he told the reporter that there are some interesting things happening in the alternative fuels area. Hydrogen technologies involving water offer some incredible opportunities " to do something with the engines we already have." That is not a statement about Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In our opinion, that can ONLY mean water gas injection. Caution: We have not confirmed that this is what Mr. Mulally actually said, but we do know that he is involved in the process of evaluating the Hydro-Assist Fuel Cells.

Dennis B. Drake President Better and Better Technologies    

  • Dennis Drake
    Dennis Drake | Team member
    Son of Well known Helicopter Pilot Vernon R Drake "The Flying Cowboy" and retired Naval Enlisted Pilot.  I am a Viet-Nam Marine Vet  W/ 5 yrs Auto Mechanic , 7yrs Auto Sales, 10 yrs OIl & Gas Industry and 20 yrs into Natural Health products.  ...
Business model
Better and Better Technologies Inc is a Nevada Corp with 10,000 shares issued Never more <>< I own dealership # 001100260U and have Global Marketing rights to all technologies & products offered now and in the Future . Hydro Assist Fuel Cell is being sold now and PICC was Introduced March 5th 2008 at WIREC 2008 in Wash DC And once perfected for all applications released to the public in 2009 . July 10th 2010 is Energy Independent Day in USA and Canada So far I have 109 recruiters, 68 trained Installer/tuners and over 2,500 witnesses signed up . Making a Better World for Every One <><