Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Beacon Tech

Baltimore, Maryland, United States United States
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Beacon combines the clinical efficacy of therapy with the persistence of peer support networks while using natural language processing to increase accessibility for patients and manage costs for institutions. We give users the ability to chat under a pseudonym in a community of 5-7 peers working through similar issues, at any time, from anywhere. The community is overseen by a moderator, generally a trained clinician, that regulates the conversation and conducts in-app calls to provide scheduled, structured therapy sessions. Patients receive stigma-free support via their 24/7 community at no cost to them through our B2B approach. Providers are given tools to manage the massive amount of content generated on our platform - we harness natural language processing to automatically flag user messages containing malicious or suicidal content. These tools also visualize user and group sentiment over time, noticing patterns hidden to the unaided eye. This increases efficiency by automating patient tracking and providing early detection capabilities, allowing providers to focus on the patients most in need of help. On an institutional level, Beacon gives organizations the ability to scale limited resources to the true magnitude of mental health needs in their populations, while providing an unprecedented level of comprehensive care.