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Company description

We're on a stealth mission to change the way you see the world in the future! Baarb is connecting travelers to the hotels and accommodations they'll love faster and easier than ever before with personalized results. Baarb is the first platform to deliver personalized hotel search results based on what travelers care about most.

By using artificial intelligence to capture concepts in hotel descriptions and images, tracking user actions on the site, and mining travelers digital footprints, we can understand their preferences and behavior and prioritize results accordingly. This allows us to eliminate most of the generic results returned in a typical search and the traveler can focus on relevant choices that will increase their chances of booking.

The site is live with beta users today and generating revenue. Our B2C model realizes commission on hotels booked, and our B2B personalization services will be offered via API to be used on third-party sites. The platform will help travel companies like Expedia and Airbnb increase their conversions from the current average of 3% for greater revenue and profitability.

Baarb, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA and was founded by Barbara Parshall in June 2016.




  • Barbara Parshall
    Barbara Parshall | Founder
    Barbara Parshall is the Co-Founder & CEO of Baarb, Inc., an AI-driven travel platform based in Los Angeles, CA.
Business model

Leading hotel booking platform providers were interviewed to create the perfect recommender system that will help them personalize search results for travelers and increase their conversions. We deliver a quick and flexible way for booking platforms to insert their inventory through our API to implement a powerful and personalized search and booking engine to their sites and mobile apps.