Location: Paris, France France
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Paris, France France
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AUGMENTED ACOUSTICS ambition is to revolutionize live concert experience for spectators, as SUPRALIVE® unique technology allows them to benefit from an unprecedented immersive, customizable and multitrack sound experience (24bits, 96 kHz, 118 dB dynamic, floating point processing), within their personal taste and hearing profile. To benefit from the SUPRALIVE® option within a concert, spectators will be equipped with top-of-the-range earphones (the start-up works in partnership with BOSE), the PEEBLE®, a housing which contains the intelligence of the system (radio receiver, signal-processing algorithms, resynchronization system to avoid echo effects and the perceived gap between “physical” air sound and the one heard through the earphones) and a mobile application. During the concert, the mobile application provides users the capability to control in real time the music general volume but also each instrument volume separately (up to 8 tracks), the tone, the balance and to configure their own equalizers. Through SUPRALIVE®, the French start-up targets both fans, tech-savvy music lovers, unsatisfied hearing-protections users, and certain hearing-impaired profiles, provides the profession the opportunity to offer an innovative and qualitative music experience to the audience and finally a new revenue stream for venues, event agencies, producers and artists.