When every second counts
Oakland, CA USA

Our app, Alert-360, crowdsources 9-1-1 calls to users in close proximity to an emergency in real time. Every second counts so we get help faster for medical emergencies and keep people out of dangerous situations in the case of police emergencies. The app is always free and we monetize by licensing our SaaS Alert platform to enterprise.

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Company description

Our app, Alert-360, crowdsources 9-1-1 calls to alert users in close proximity to emergencies so they get help faster or allow users to stay away from dangerous situations.

Our AMP-Alert Management Platform, provides an enterprise SaaS solution for risk mitigation.  Companies deploy our AMP to keep employees safe, protect facilities and provide faster response times in medical emergencies.

We have launched with the Oakland Police Department as well as the City of Roseville to pilot our services.  9-1-1 has not changed much in almost 50 years.  It is inefficient, slow and not meeting consumer's technology expectations.  We are transforming emergency communications and we're providing a solution to a huge global problem. 

We have launched a pilot program in India and will launch a pilot in Europe next month.  We are seeking a Seed Round of $1.5 million at this time.

We are all about people helping people, creating a safe and secure day to day life around the world.  We will save lives, reduce crime and get help faster in emergencies.





Business model

License SaaS Alert Management Platform to enterprise.  Use partnerships with law enforcement agencies for user credibility and distribution.  Deliver awesome user experience through free app.  Dominate emergency alert notifications on a global basis.

Competitive advantage

12 Patents pending to protect our IP

Speed to market, first mover advantage.

Pricing strategy to provide AMP platform to law enforcements, city government, univesities, hospitals....FREE of charge.

Distribution in Europe and Asia through trusted parters