Location: Denver, Colorado, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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After Live

Denver, Colorado, United States United States
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A SHIT TON OF LIVE MUSIC CONTENT EXISTS ACROSS THE INTERNET. Everybody and their grandmother has their phone up at live events. Sure, some are uploading it to Instagram and YouTube, but a majority lies dormant on smartphones and hard drives. Even when it is uploaded, there is no common link tying all this content together. Put simply, content for events is hopelessly spread out across the internet. This content is valuable, but so much value is lost in the current system. After Live fills this gap. We curate content from fans, photographers and videographers, as well as produce live streams, 360-video and virtual reality content. Our focus is on music festivals. There are innumerable things happening simultaneously and it is impossible to experience it all. Through After Live, fans can experience a festival whether they attended or not. Users can sort through content ranging from artists, stages, genres, recaps, photographers and many other categories. Inside the festival, we offer unique experiences through tech-implementation such as iBeacons and augmented reality. In today’s experience economy, individuals define themselves by their experiences. After Live makes these experiences last forever.