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The smartest path from zero to mobile
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Trilibis Mobile was founded in 2002 by Tom Paddon. Before starting Trilibis, Paddon worked in the wireless communications industry for more than 7 years. After leaving QUALCOMM, he leveraged his knowledge of wireless communications to pursue the untapped opportunities of taking both online communities and brick and mortar businesses into the mobile market. In August of 2003, Trilibis launched its first service called peepsnation™ an online and mobile phone community. Available on just three phone models, it was downloaded by over 25,000 users in its first 30 days after launch.

Early on in the development of peepsnation™, it became clear that current technologies available for developing and launching mobile applications were significantly flawed. Intimately familiar with the complexities and fragmentation inherent to the development of mobile applications, Trilibis saw a significant opportunity to improve the way mobile applications are developed and published. The company has since focused on revolutionizing mobile application technology. Before long, Trilibis' SmartPath™ Mobile Publishing Solution was born. With applications running on nearly all mobile platforms, carrier networks and hundreds of mobile handset devices, Trilibis continues to innovate and provide its customers with leading edge solutions, empowering them to generate profitable revenue within the wireless data market.

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