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T5M: the 5th medium

The inspirational network
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With unique access to the world’s top personalities, t5m is reinventing how we engage with the movers and shakers who impactall our lives.

No gossip, no scandal, no boring promo interviews. On t5m you'll meet the world's leading men and women, and find out about them in frank and surprising ways.

Although the site is only just kicking off in Beta, you can already choose your own journey of discovery through the interview clips in our video browser, unearthing surprises, insights, recommendations and words of wisdom.

Thousands more inspirational nuggets will soon be added - whilst we continue to develop, we'd love your feedback and advice on any aspect of the site.

If you can’t find anything about someone you admire, please suggest we talk to them. And t5m is not just about glamour and achievement. Recognising the power of celebrity to do good, and to draw attention, we provide charities such as the 46664 with their own dedicated t5m channels. We offer the same to the favoured causes of every personality featured.

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