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Automotive Sales Cycle Overview

Every customer response, and the timeliness of that response, makes the difference between a dealership being perceived as mediocre or as a truly great success story in the automotive industry.

SCI’s Torque™ products help automotive clients accelerate the five levers of the sales cycle by:

  • Cost effectively acquiring more customers
  • Maximizing sales to service conversion
  • Improving service spend optimization
  • Improving customer retention
  • Improving next vehicle sales

Torque™ meets the corporate requirements that are critical for success, including:

  • Low-risk implementation
  • Integrated enterprise capability
  • Fast to deploy (fastest in the market)
  • Configurable to unique requirements
  • Low cost of ownership (lowest in the market)
  • Ongoing product innovation and enhancement
  • Strong business case

As the foundation to your Enterprise Retail Process Management™ (eRPM™) strategy, Torque™ provides:

  • Speedy deployment and ROI
  • Correlation of lead and process attributes to customer acquisition rates
  • A product-driven solution with no-build risk and no-maintenance burden
  • A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that reduces resource requirements
  • Superior architecture and infrastructure
  • Proven scalability
  • Proven results
  • Process performance measurement
  • Modest up-front fees or investment

Torque™ products make the sales and marketing process easier and allow for more rich, flexible and real-time responses to customers. By delivering the dynamic responses vehicle buyers expect from customer-facing dealerships and OEM processes, Torque™ drives the execution and management improvements that can massively improve sales.

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