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Path Intelligence

Portsmouth , United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Path Intelligence has developed a proprietary, patent-pending, new technlogy that is able to accurately locate mobile phones whilst indoors.

Our technology allows shopping centre managers/owners, airport and railway station managers, exhibition centres, art galleries and museums to understand the way that their customers or passengers flow through their centre.

Our tool is the only automated and reliable method for identifying the path that people take through an area. There are a number of advantages to our technology including:

* Extremely large sample size as mobile penetration is above 80% in Europe
* Shoppers remain anonymous
* Accurate to within 1-2m
* Our receivers have a large range so only a few are required to cover large areas like shopping centres

For retail areas, in particular, the advantages of understanding the path that shoppers take is significant. Such information can assist the mall owner/manager to:

* Evaluate and improve their retail tenancy mix by identifying which stores shoppers consider complementary
* Ensure the stores are being charges the optimal rent
* Identify underutilized areas in the mall
* Understand the impact of anchors stores on the mall
* Measure the implications of particular promotions or centre events
* Assist with planning day-to-day mall operations, such as cleaning and security

The FootPathâ„¢ technology is the only system available on the market today that can gather information on shopper paths continuously and accurately. FootPathâ„¢ can be installed in one centre or across a portfolio, providing you with quantifiable information to help you monitor your centre and assess the impact of your business decisions.