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Location: 21043, 2591 Panorama Drive, Coquitlam, Canada Canada
Founded in: 1995
Stage: Post-launch
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"It's The Experience That Counts"
Coquitlam, Canada Canada
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Company description

What we do is help organizations such as charities and corporations host more successful fundraising events around the world.

What is special about us is our LTS software system which allows our franchise partners to take ordinary activities that already occur at most events and make them fun, sponsorable and profitable.

We enhance the experience for the participants, increase the value for the sponsors and portray a more professional image for the organizer while making their job much easier.

  • Gerry Lev
    Gerry Lev | Team member
     I have been involved with franchising and licensing for many years. I have worked with many great organizations and most recently was responsible for bringing Subway to Western Canada. Today I am proud of LTS LeaderBoard who through our parn...
Business model

We are unique business model that is using franchising as our means of distribution of our technology and have a created a very unique service model. 

In 2007, we personally met more than 86,000 high net worth individuals at charity fundraisng events and within 5 years, that number will increase to 2.1 million. Our sponsorship opportunities for companies that want to meet these individuals face to face across North America and then communicate throughout the year are as unique as our business model.  

Competitive advantage
We have created several proprietary software programs that relate to the needs of our clients. We have been doing this globally for 11 years and are the only company in the world that has all these technologies in one service model. We have tested and proven our franchise model over the last six years with 24 global offices.