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Kulabyte is the leading-edge developer of advanced video optimization technologies. Our TimeSlice™ Technology enables Live 2-pass Variable Bit Rate encoding, which is a 1st for the video industry. This revolutionary technology enables industry-standard codecs to perform at their fastest rates, requiring less bandwidth, and delivering faster than real time performance.

Arriving at a time of dual-core and quad-core hardware solutions, Kulabyte utilizes an array of innovative solutions that are scalable to multiple core hardware i.e. 8-core, 16-core or even 32-core. In addition, the company’s strategic partnerships with leading firms in the industry place the company in a strong position to become the standard for video compression architecture in the coming years. Our TimeSlice™ technology can be integrated into a wide range of solutions, including archival; mobile video; enterprise video, and live streaming to name a few.

Kulabyte was founded in November 2004 by Chris Gottschalk and Blake Wenzel. Based in San Marcos, Texas, its engineering and management team is focused on delivering the fastest video encoding and streaming technology solution in the industry today while at the same time achieving the highest possible video quality and delivering bandwidth savings.