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Founded in: 2007
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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A Tshirt can change the World
Mumbai, India India
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Company description

Inkfruit is an online international community of graphic designers.
They freely submit their earth-shattering design ideas for t-shirts. These designs are then voted and commented upon by an online community which collectively decides which designs go for printing. The winning t-shirts are then screen printed and made available for sale online. Designers are pPendingaid over 20,000 INR worth prizes every month. Also, the name of designer features on the t-shirt label thus ensuring they get due credit for their creation and hard work.

We often have contests where the designers have to submit designs around a particular theme. The designs submitted are surprisingly talented both in idea behind the design and also in the graphic work!

The current ongoing contest is 'War of Designers – The Ultimate Challenge', it is open for designers from all over the world! First Prize is 10,000 INR and many more prizes for runners up.

We recently announced an affiliate program, where bloggers can keep Inkfruit ‘stores’ on their sites or blogs. The t-shirts and the UI of the store are completely customizable. For all sales from this store revenue is earned by the blogger.
You can read more about this here :

Business model

The business model of Inkfruit is unique in India. It is democratic community centered. 

It is a designers community which crowd sources designs for t-shirt designs, the best of the design gets printed! 


Competitive advantage
Due to its unique business model Inkfruit has some of the best and novel t-shirt collection in SE Asia! This awesome t-shirt collection gives it an edge over competitors.