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We built Clickpass to make OpenID easy to use and to bring the benefits of single-sign-on to the people who want it most - everyone.

Instead of protecting us, passwords have become something that simply hinder. Every day, we find ourselves unable to check our phone bill, change our supermarket order or see our hotel bookings all because we forgot the password to do so.

Over 60% of us use the same password on every site we visit. All of us have been locked out of somewhere at some time and every day we're bombarded with emails enticing us to give away our credentials to would-be attackers.

We built Clickpass to solve that, to bring you the convenience of a single password but with the reassurance of a company whose sole job it is to look after you and your security.

Over time you will see Clickpass on more and more sites. As that happens, you'll start to forget the fear of forgetting which password you signed up with and experience instead the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Clickpass was built to make life simpler and more secure. We're always improving but if you think there's anything we could do better then please tell us and email me at We always welcome your suggestions.