Location: 7463 NO. 111 ST, Omaha, Nebraska, United States United States
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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The Lazy Man's Way To Shop
Omaha, Nebraska, United States United States
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Company description is an interactive Online Shopping Marketplace, designed for Consumers to buy and sell products and services via the comfort and ease of the Internet. Product Categories include antiques, collectibles, home and garden, health and beauty, electronics, real estate and sporting goods, with Service Categories including home repair, auto repair, yard services, specialty services, and personal services. We even have Employment and Wholesale Categories for Buyers and Sellers!

Stop driving all over town.
Make the sellers come to you.
Save time & money!
Search your zip code area now for buyers,
sellers and see what consumers want to buy!

Buyers control every aspect of the sale from start to finish. Simply request a product or service, then sit back and wait for qualified and interested sellers as they respond by placing a bid. Buyers also decide the duration, budget, seller and ultimately the best deal. Save time and money by choosing the most qualified Seller, with the best product or service, at the LOWEST price! 

Sellers are consumers looking to save time and money shopping online and professional sales people will benefit with added exposure and business expansion by utilizing our services. Simply pick the products or services which you want to bid, then decide the price your willing to receive and get paid!