Location: New York, New York, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Awards and mentions
Silver Medal at App Idea Awards
Name "App to Watch"
University wide entrepreneurship competition. $20K first place prize. First Darden (business school) team to win.


Instantly connect with celebrities and other amazing people from around the world!
New York, New York, United States United States
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Company description

With the 1Degree app, you can instantly FaceTime with amazing people from around the world!  Your followers on the app will receive a push notification when you signal your willingness and availability to connect. Either create a live auction and watch your fans bid against one another for the opportunity to FaceTime with you or set your availability and simply sit back, relax and review the FaceTime offers from your fans.  And Voila, you’re instantly chatting face-to-face with one of your fans from around the world. After your chat, you can choose to keep or easily donate your proceeds to your favorite cause.





Business model

1Degree takes 20% of all transactions that occur on the platform and has already begun generating revenue.  At scale, 1Degree has multiple revenue opportunities including placing targeted advertisements in the bid portal, creating a premium tier that allows for more customizable chat options, or licensing its (patent pending) bidding technology.  

Competitive advantage

There are two current solutions to bridge the Influencer-fan barrier: live streaming platforms and raffle style bidding platforms.  The problem is that live streaming platforms are para-social or one-sided with many users watching a single influencer and raffle style bidding platforms are asynchronous without the excitement of a live interaction.  Our two most direct competitors are Chatter and Skoozi, but neither has the combined excitement, spontaneity, and exclusivity offered by 1Degree. 

Apple has very strict rules surrounding payment for in-app services, which is why most apps use coins or credits for payment.  1Degree was able to improve upon these cumbersome payment methods and is currently the only app in the app store that does live bidding for an in-app service (patent pending).