Location: Mumbai, India India
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 11/2017, IPO: undisclosed amount
Investors: Webcam Porno
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100M Technologies LLC

Mumbai, India India
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Company description
Our company name is 100M Technologies and our flagship product is 'echo plans'. The company was originally founded by Shobhit Singhal and Srijan Gupta who are both graduates of India's premier educations institutions IIT Bombay & Delhi respectively. They often quarrel about who's college ranked better. Our flagship product is 'echo plans' - as it exists today, it's the result of many iterations, semi-pivots and testing with actual users. Shobhit and Srijan found great synergies in business & technology. They had overlapping concepts and ideas around friends meeting up through an app that was specifically tailored for the offline world - your offline social network. The two worked together as a side project, testing and getting information on what to build and how to go about it. Namrata Vadodaria worked part time on UX with the team (with zero compensation like the founders to her credit) for many months and in August 2016 the team incorporated a company with the addition of a design cofounder. As a founding team, we want to build beautiful technology products. We aspire to get an outreach reflected in our company name in everything/anything we do.
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